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Interesting Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

We should all be aware of sex rules. Ask for consent, use protection at all times, consider your partner’s wants, and have a great time. However, knowing the fundamentals of getting dirty does not necessarily lead to the magical pot at the end of the rainbow. It’s the little-known truths that can make you wiser in bed, but also better at sex. The next time you fantasize about getting active with your spouse, consider these fascinating sex facts.

According to the survey, 46% of women think about someone else while having sex with their partner, while 42% of men do. However, the survey questioned 1,300 straight women, and this revelation does not apply to lesbians. Who knows why straight women think about someone else during sex? It could be because some of their spouses don’t meet their needs in bed.

Female orgasms last longer than male orgasms

A study published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine examined 6,151 single persons to investigate the relationship between sexual identity and orgasm frequency. For men, the findings were not surprising. Women, however, have made the biggest difference. Lesbian women had the highest orgasm rate (74.7 percent), followed by heterosexual women (61.6 percent) and bisexual women (58%). Women who rely on oral sex and clitoris stimulation rather than penetration, which is more typical in heterosexual relationships, were more likely to experience climax.

If you enjoy playing with nips, science has some very positive news for you. Nipple orgasms, or “nipplegasms,” are real and can be felt by touch-sensitive people in this area. A brain imaging study discovered that a woman’s brain “lit up” with enthusiasm nearly equal to that of the stimulus below. Men’s Health reported that 29 percent of 213 women had one. So science suggests that playing with a woman’s nipples causes the same tingling sensation as the clitoris.

Apples, a luscious and juicy fruit, keep the doctor away, but they can also significantly improve women’s sexual lives. A 2014 study in the journal Archives of Gynecology and Obstetrics discovered that women who ate an apple every day had superior overall sexual performance and lubrication. This was measured against those who did not. You’d rather forgo oysters and eat an apple. They still smell fantastic.

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